The budget is a financial plan that serves as the basis for expenditure decision-making and subsequent control of expenditures. The plan strives to provide program services at the levels of service established by the Board during the budget process. However, the budget must also be flexible enough to account for unexpected events and expenditures. Otherwise, levels of service in other program areas may suffer to operate within the constraints of the overall budget.

Assessments for Parkway Center Community Development District are collected through the non-ad valorem portion of your annual tax bill.  They are made up of two components: a debt assessment and an operations and maintenance assessment.

The debt assessment relates to the payoff of the tax exempt municipal bond that financed the infrastructure development of the CDD and is fixed for thirty years.  The operations and maintenance assessment is set by the annual budget, as determined by your Board of Supervisors, and pays to maintain that infrastructure.

Annually, your District is required to complete an audit, which is reported to the State of Florida.  The latest fiscal year audits and the annual budgets are below for your convenience.